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Breast implant replacement

The reason for breast implant replacement may be their rupture, occurrence of capsular contraction, breast sagging, requirement of the client for larger or smaller breast, inappropriate implant type or placement selection, preventive replacement after EOL of the older implant types (10 or max. 15 years) or dissatisfaction with the result of the previous operation.

Breast implant replacement: your surgery

Right before the operation your surgeon will take photo documentation, draws the operation procedure on the skin and answers potential questions.

The operation is performed under overall anaesthesia and takes 1-24 hours depending on the type of intervention. Sometimes the replacement may be combined with other interventions line breast modelling, capsule removal, lipo transfer etc.

BODY Clinic is a site long specialising in breast operations and performs a wide range of interventions. This issue is very individual and therefore personal consultation with the physician is crucial.

After the surgery you need to wear post-operative medical bra. This post-operative underwear will be prepared for you at the reception.

Breast implant replacement: recovery

Hospitalisation at the clinic usually lasts two days. Arrange transport and accompaniment for the day of release. When leaving the clinic you will receive a release report with the date of the first post-operative visit and instructions for the first few days after the operation.

You can also buy a post-operative care packet at the reception. The packet includes analgesics, a disinfecting shampoo, a disinfectant and other items for wound and scar care. The scar appearance can be improved 2-3 months after the surgery by laser treatment.

Recovery after breast implant replacement takes about 1-2 week, after which you can return to work.

In 10 – 14 days you must come for the first post-operative visit at the clinic. You can resume your sporting activities in a month or two, depending on the type of intervention. Compression post-operative bra must be worn for a couple of weeks.

Breast implant replacement: possible risks

Like all operations, breast implant replacement is associated with certain risks which you must be aware of. These are general operation-related risks connected with the total anaesthesia (bleeding - hematoma, infection, pulmonary embolism, poor healing, operation wound splitting, development of colloid scars etc.) plus intervention-specific risks.

These complications and risks are usually identical with complications and risks following breast augmentation, but their frequency is a little higher than in the case of the first breast operation.