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How can a consultation be booked?
Consultations are provided on the basis of telephone agreement on mobile phone number +420 604 525 035 or fixed line +420 549 213 660. Male or female clients are invited for specific times to avoid long waiting.

Is there parking available on the premises of the clinic?
Parking is available in the underground garage of the clinic. The parking places are reserved for BODY and numbered 1-6.

Is accommodation for accompaniment available?
On the premises of the clinic there is the Body Pension, where your companion or you after hospitalisation can be lodged.

What are waiting times for consultations?
Waiting times for a consultation range from 2 weeks to several months – depending on the selected doctor.

What are waiting times of an operation?
Depending on the selected doctor and type of intervention – several weeks to six months or even longer.

Do you require an advance payment before operation?
Yes, when the operation date is agreed it is necessary to pay an advance in the amount € 100-400, depending on the type of operation.

What is included in the final price of an outpatient intervention?
The final and accurate price will result from the consultation with your plastic surgeon.

In the case of outpatient interventions, the price only includes the price of the operation and potential minor items that you may need after operation (analgesics, creams and silicone patches over scars etc.). All necessary follow up visits are included in the price.

What is included in the price of an operation under anaesthesia?
The final and accurate price of the operation will result from the consultation with your plastic surgeon.

The price includes the value of the operation, which is individual and different in each case in complexity and scope. For example the price of liposuction depends on the quantity of the fat taken away. Also the price of breast diminution from number three to number two is lower than breast diminution by several numbers.

The final price is also affected by the length of the anaesthesia, the length of stay in the clinic and pre-operative examinations (if you want them to be done in our clinic on the date of your admission). In the case of breast augmentation by implants the price is defined by the implant type.

Special post-operative medical underwear sometimes needs to be purchased. Post-operative drugs such as analgesics are minor items. All needed follow up visits are included in the price of the operation.

This list makes it clear that to specify the price on the phone without a consultation with a doctor is very difficult.

Is the price following from the consultation fixed and final?
Yes, all that is needed is already included in the prices. If the operation unexpectedly gets longer the price does not increase as it is a fixed price.

Is it possible to extend my stay in the clinic by another day if I pay more?
Yes, if there is an unoccupied ward in the clinic or a bed in the BODY Pension this is no problem.

What happens if I agree another intervention type with my doctor right before the operation?
If the change makes sense and is realistic, there is no problem with that. The price will obviously be decreased or increased on the basis of the agreed change.

How do I pay for the operation?
Following the consultation you have to pay an advance at the reception desk, but only if you have agreed on a fixed operation date. The advance may be paid in cash or by a credit card. If you book a data later on the phone you can pay by bank transfer onto our account. The amount of the advance is € 400 or less in the case of outpatient interventions.

The balance of the price for the operation is paid either two weeks before the operation day by bank transfer onto our account (you will receive the account number at the reception and variable symbol of the payment is your birth certificate number) or in cash at the reception desk on the operation day. It is up to you to decide with payment method you prefer. The balance cannot be paid by credit card for it is mostly a considerable amount of money and there is sometimes a problem with credit card limits.

Can I get absence from work for illness after a cosmetic operation?
No, you will not receive this certificate after this type of operation.

Will I be able to drive my car when leaving the clinic after an aesthetic operation?
We recommend asking someone to drive you home.

Are there visiting hours at the clinic?
Visiting hours are every workday between 5 and 7 pm, or as a matter of exception also outside these times on the basis of prior agreement.

Are you able to provide vegetarian or gluten-free diet?
Yes, we are able to provide these types of diet on the basis of prior agreement.

How do I proceed if I am not satisfied with the quality of the provided medical service?
Accurate description of the complaint procedure can be found in the attached document.