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Breast reduction

This surgery improves appearance of large and often simultaneously sagged breast. The purpose of modelling is removal of excessive skin and tissue, upward transfer of papilla and possible reduction, upward movement of the breast tissue, conical shaping and firming.

Methods of breast reduction

For medium breast size the globally most popular method employing the single scar technique (Le Jour, vertical scar) is recommended. The result is a round scar around the papilla and a single vertical scar down to the under-breast line.

In the case of large breast the above technique is extended with a small horizontal section in the under-breast line towards the size (L technique) or towards the size and the centre (short horizontal scar).

In the case of very large breast - giantomania - the classical modelling method used for years is required. The result includes a round scar around the papilla, a vertical scar down from the papilla towards the under-breast line and a semi-circular scar in the under-breast line across the breast size (the anchor).

All these methods are offered by our clinic and the best one for you will be recommended in the preoperative consultation.

Breast reduction: your surgery

Right before the operation your surgeon will take photo documentation, draws the operation procedure on the skin and answers potential questions. The operation is performed under overall anaesthesia and takes 2- 4 hours depending on the breast size.

In the case of bad past experience with absorbable suture (ill tolerated by your body) then the skin may be sutured with nylon suture removed in about 2 weeks in the context of the post-operative visit. After the surgery you need to wear post-operative medical bra. This post-operative underwear will be prepared for you at the reception.

Breast reduction: recovery

Hospitalisation at the clinic usually lasts until the following day, or one day longer in the case of giantomania.

Arrange transport and accompaniment for the day of release. When leaving the clinic you will receive a release report with the date of the first post-operative visit and instructions for the first few days after the operation and a post-operative care packet at the reception. The packet includes analgesics, a disinfecting shampoo, a disinfectant and other items for wound and scar care. Recovery after breast reduction takes about 1 week, after which you can return to work.

In 10 – 14 days you must come for the first post-operative visit at the clinic. You can resume your sporting activities in a month. Compression post-operative bra must be worn day and night for 14 days. After that day wearing is sufficient.

Breast reduction: possible risks

Like all operations, breast reduction is associated with certain risks which you must be aware of. These are general operation-related risks connected with the total anaesthesia (bleeding - hematoma, infection, pulmonary embolism, poor healing, operation wound splitting, development of colloid scars etc.) plus intervention-specific risks.

Potential risks associated with breast reduction

  • Skin folds, undulations and other irregularities in the bottom part of the breast, which nearly always disappear spontaneously after 2 months.
  • Size, shape and position irregularities of the breast and the papilla, complete symmetry is difficult to achieve in the case of large breast.
  • Change of papilla sensitivity, which is usually temporary only. Repeated breast sag in a couple of years after the surgery may appear. Sometimes the operation needs to be repeated for that reason. This is very individual.
  • Blood circulation disorder in the breast tissue or skin, usually concerning the papilla. In exceptional cases the blood circulation disorder may lead to development of necrotic tissue.
  • The risk of necessity of blood transfusion is connected with very large breast operation.
  • Do not expose the scars to direct sunlight or solarium sun for 6 months after the surgery. You can buy scar disappearance support means at our reception.Corrective surgery may be needed in the case of complications.

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