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Corrections of deformities, asymmetries and innate evolutional defects of male and female breasts

Evolutional defect of the breast gland can be innate and acquired. Acquired defects may result from injury, breast operation or breast tumour. Generally either part of the breast or the breast as a whole may be affected.

A frequent phenomenon is drawn in papilla, a smaller (hypoplasia) or a bigger (hypertrophy) one breast and partial atrophy (relax) of one breast causing asymmetry.

You may also come across developmental defects of the chest, the ribs, spine scoliosis, which also affect breast appearance. These defects may also partly be corrected by adjustment of the breast shape and size. Plastic operation is only recommended after completion of physiological development of the young body.

Males often suffer from gynaecomastia, or hypertrophy of the breast gland, usually bilateral. In the case of failed pharmacotherapy this can be corrected by plastic surgery under overall anaesthesia. In the context of the operation the breast gland is removed. Sometimes liposuction of the surrounding tissue is included. The method and the scope of the operation depends on the size of the hypertrophic gland and the amount of fat and skin in its surrounding.

BODY Clinic is a site long specialising in breast operations and corrections of deformities, asymmetries and various developmental defects is usual here. Often the individual solution includes a combination of different breast surgeries, sometimes performed in stages. This issue is very complex and very individual. Personal consultation is crucial and the solution must be adapted to individual requirements of the client.

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