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Removal of hard capsule

Hardening around the implant is caused by accumulation of scars pressing the implant. The breast is harder on the touch and in most severe cases the capsule may cause pain and breast deformation. Occurrence of this complication is reported in about 2-5% case of all breast augmentations. Exact reasons of the capsule development are not known, the reported ones include irritation of the implant surrounding infection, hematoma caused by the operation wound bleeding. Modern high-standard implants are connected with lower occurrence of capsules. MENTOR® implants used at our clinic, thanks to the patented Siltex surface, show statistically the lowest occurrence of this complication.

Removal of hard capsule: your surgery

The surgery is performed on the day of admission and takes about 1-2 hours depending on the intervention type under overall anaesthesia.

Methods of removal of hard capsule around implant:

  1. Removal of the implant and its later reinsertion or replacement with a new one
  2. Opening of the capsule and its release – capsulotomy with immediate reinsertion or replacement of the implant
  3. Removal of the whole capsule – capsulectomy or capsulotomy with immediate reinsertion or replacement of the implant
  4. Any combination of these methods

BODY Clinic is a site long specialising in breast operations and performs a wide range of interventions. This issue is very individual and therefore personal consultation with the physician is crucial.

Capsule removal: recovery

Post-operation instructions and visits including recovery are mostly identical with those after breast augmentation.

Capsule removal: possible risks

Like all operations, capsule removal is associated with certain risks which you must be aware of. These are general operation-related risks connected with the total anaesthesia (bleeding - hematoma, infection, pulmonary embolism, poor healing, operation wound splitting, development of colloid scars etc.) plus intervention-specific risks.

Possible risks related to removal of hard capsule around implants

Post-operative capsule formation by ligament tissue around the breast prosthesis is a normal physiological response of the organism to a foreign object implantation. This capsule develops in all patients but to a different extent from thin (degree I-II) to very distending tightly embracing the implant (degree III and V).

The capsule may contract and harden, even repeatedly. The probability of this phenomenon is reported to be around 2-5% after the first breast surgery and its occurrence is most frequent in the course of the first post-operative year.

In the case of the capsule occurrence and removal the risk of its repeated development is even higher than after the first operation. There are reported cases of repeated capsule occurrence finally requiring implant removal.

Other risks and potential complications are identical with those after the first breast operation but the probability of occurrence is higher.