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Botulotoxine (wrinkle removal)

Botulotoxine or Dysport is most frequently used for wrinkle smoothening between the brows (frowning), in the forehead, the fan shaped wrinkles in the eye corners, and above the upper lip.  Other mimic muscles of the face and the neck can be treated too of course.

The length of the effect is individual and dose dependent. The effect usually appears 3-7 days after the application and lasts for 3-6 months. In some cases the client may develop antibodies against botulinum toxin, which may completely eliminate its effect after subsequent administration. This process more often appears in the case of high doses above 300 units per application or in the case of repeated applications within a single month. On the other hand, the effect may last longer after further applications.


The active agent is botulinum toxin A, causing muscle relaxation. This effect is used by administration of micro doses of the preparation for temporary reduction of activity of some mimic muscles of the face. This results in smoothening of the mimic wrinkles in the face. Today application of Botulotoxine preparation is the most frequently performed cosmetic procedure in the world.

After a time the treated muscle begins to work again.

Similar effect of botulinum toxin on the sweat glands is used for reduction of sweating.

Botulotoxine traetment is absolutely safe and effacing in the usually applied doses around 50 units per session.

Advantages of Botulotoxine treatment

No allergies to botulinum toxin have been reported. Therefore no tolerance test is performed before application. This is therefore a very safe method of wrinkle removal.The resulting effect is not permanent and therefore if you are satisfied you can decide for another session or select another method of wrinkle removal if the result is not satisfactory for you.The method is quick and painless and does not limit your subsequent activities in any way.

Botulotoxine (wrinkle removal): your intervention

No special preparation before botulinum toxin application is needed. However, it is recommended to come for the intervention without any makeup on and great caution is needed when the client uses anticoagulants (Warfarin, Pelentan, Ticlid, Anopyrin, etc.)

This is an outpatient intervention taking about 10 minutes.

Botulotoxine (wrinkle removal): after intervention

The treated areas must not be massaged or otherwise treated for 6 hours. For the same period lying down is not recommended. On the other hand mimics of the treated area should be used for the period of 2-3 hours. For 2-3 days after application the following is not recommended: increased physical strain, sauna, solarium and areas with frequent pressure changes. In the case of treatment of the eye area eye drops for wetting for about 1 week are recommended as prevention.

Botulotoxine (wrinkle removal): possible risks

Local reaction in the puncture site – swell, small bruises, reddening. Overall effects include headache, fatigue, symptoms similar to light flu. All there symptoms, if they appear, are mild and temporary, taking a couple of hours or only exceptionally longer.The most frequent complication is unwanted muscle weakening in another place or to an extent that was not required. This effect is again temporary and disappears in a couple of months. After application of botulinum toxin around eyelids reported rare complications included cornea drying due to reduces winking. Botulotoxine may not be applied in any area affected with inflammation. Females receiving botulinum toxin during pregnancy did not show any teratogenic effects on the foetus (causing developmental defects of the foetus) or other negative effects. Despite that it is recommended to wait until childbirth and breastfeeding discontinuation. Botulotoxine is not recommended to patients suffering from diseases manifested by failing transfers of neural excitation on the muscle - myasthenia gravis (a disease causing weakness of body muscles). Application is further contraindicated by concurrent use of certain drugs containing aminoglycosides (antibiotics Gentamycin and Streptomycin), penicilamine, chinine, calcium channel blockers (drugs for blood pressure reduction). This will be discussed with you before the intervention by your attending physician.


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