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Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling is a friendly outpatient method of removal of signs of skin ageing or acne manifestations.

The method is based on chemical treatment of the complexion – mostly with the help of fruit acids and other substances acting on the upper layers of the skin. The acid is carefully applied with a brush or tampon on the face complexion where the upper skin layer will peel off, followed by subsequent regeneration and collagen restoration and skin hydration.

The skin slightly tensions, improves colour and structure quality and achieves younger appearance.

Peeling is divided to superficial, medium deep and deep. The superficial peeling is most often used today. The deeper variants with longer recovery and a higher percentage of complications are replaced today by safer methods.

Chemical peeling: your intervention

The intervention does not require hospitalisation and takes 30-60 minutes depending on the size of the treated area. The skin is red and moderately swollen after the intervention. In a couple of days the peeling starts followed by the skin regeneration and the effect of the procedure begins to be visible.

Chemical peeling: after intervention

You need to carefully observe the instructions of the attending physician based on the peeling type and the substance used. Sometimes nothing is applied onto the skin and other times it is only an indifferent cream. Sometimes special regeneration creams, thermal water or antibiotic creams are required. After several days when the complexion changes you can resume use of your regular cosmetics. Strict long-term protection of the treated complexion against UV component of sunshine!

Chemical peeling: possible risks and complications

Superficial chemical peeling, unlike the deeper variants, results in little complications.

Rare complications include change of skin colour, millia, allergies, persistent reddening, increased sensitivity, infections, such as Herpes, and very rarely scar development.


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