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Injection lipolysis

Injection lipolysis is a safe method of removal of a small amount of excessive fat from the body. The method is based on dissolution of the fat tissue and its natural washing off from the body. This method is used for body contour modelling. The method is designed for patients with small areas of excessive fat around the body that cannot be burnt by diet or exercise and where liposuction is not indicated. The method is by no means a way to reduce obesity for it does not result in any general weight loss.

The method is often used for reduction of double skin, removal of abdominal fat or fat cushions on the inner thighs or arm back or for improvement of cellulite. The method is indicated either for small areas or for areas not suitable for liposuction.

Unlike liposuction, which is a surgical method removing larger quantities of fat, injection lipolysis can be performed in the outpatient surgery without anaesthesia. After the intervention you need not wear the compressive elastic underwear and can immediately return to your daily chores. To a certain extent the method is an alternative to liposuction or its complement for fine body modelling.

Advantages of fat removal with injection lipolysis:

  • A careful non-invasive method
  • Fat is removed evenly
  • Helps improve firmness and elasticity of the skin
  • Outpatient treatment taking a couple of minutes
  • Permanent result


If you take anticoagulants consult with your attending physician whether you can discontinue the drugs for at least a week before the intervention..

Lipolysis cannot be performed during pregnancy and lactation, in the case of diabetes mellitus, autoimmune or vascular disease, hepatic or renal disorder, acute infection, allergy to soy and in patients under 15.

Injection lipolysis: your intervention

In the course of the intervention the surgeon uses a micro injection to locally apply the active substance – phosphatydylcholine. In medical practice this substance is used for support of hepatic activity in the case of high blood fat content or as prevention of fat embolism. Phosphatydylcholine is a natural enzyme (known as lecithin), present in soy beams or naturally in the body. This enzyme supports fat splitting to small parts. The split fat dissolves in the body and is naturally excreted. Therefore it is important to drink a lot after the intervention.

The intervention is performed in the outpatient surgery without anaesthesia and takes about 30 minutes. The effect of injection lipolysis is visible in about a month or two after the intervention. The optimum result is usually achieved after a couple of repetitions of the intervention. If the client keeps stable body weight the result is permanent.

Injection lipolysis: after intervention

It is recommended to stay in the clinic for another 30 minutes after the intervention. Please arrange for accompaniment home.

The point of puncture may show a swell or minor hematomas and reddening which disappear in a couple of days. After the intervention you need to drink at least 2 litres of liquids a day for the fat to wash off from the body. A week after the treatment you can resume your sporting activities.


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