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Corrective dermatology: laser

Fraction CO2 laser is the newest generation of lasers for removal of manifestations of ageing such as wrinkles or pigmentation.

Laser beam is split into several thinner beams and the skin is thus treated in micro-points and on the surface only. Deep skin layers, unlike in the case of chemical beauty interventions, remain untouched and thus the healing is easier and quicker. Minimum risk achieves maximum effect suitable for all generations.

The treatment results in smoothening of the complexion, refinement of its texture, unification of its colour and increased skin tonus – the lifting effect. Thus the complexion rejuvenates.

Laser treatment is indicated for:

  • Removal of smallpox scars
  • Adjustment of colloid scars
  • Adjustment of widened pores and fatty complexion
  • Wrinkle smoothening
  • Removal of pigment stains
  • Removal of skin protuberances, verruca, and some neviMitigation of stretch mark appearance
  • Complexion smoothening and colour unification, lifting effect with complexion rejuvenationRemoval of persistent acne but not in the active state
  • Removal of acne scars

Laser may also be used for treatment of the whole face including eyelids, neck, décolletage, hand backs, but also other body parts. Thee combination of eyelid operation and laser is beneficial like subsequent face complexion treatment following face lifting nearly doubling the effect.

Advantage of laser treatment of complexion

Laser treatment of the complexion can rejuvenate the face by 5 to 10 years.The intervention is performed in the outpatient surgery without the necessity of hospitalisation, absence from work or extensive treatment of the whole face. A couple of days of domestic care must be considered as a consequence of swells, reddening and increased sensitivity of the face complexion.The intervention is nearly painless.The effect of skin rejuvenation is long-term. However, it is very strongly influenced by observance of the principles of healthy lifestyle (no smoking, sufficient drinking and sleep hygiene). Treatment of scars, acne and protuberance removal are permanent.

Laser procedure

The intervention is performed without hospitalisation under local skin anaesthetisation with Emla cream. Removal of skin protuberance is performed under injected anaesthesia.

The treatment takes about 15-45 minutes, depending on the nature of the intervention and the size of the treated area.

You can feel mild burning depending on the selected laser intensity and individual sensitivity.

For complexion rejuvenation one treatment is usually enough to induce processes of remodelling and collagen creation. These processes continue for another three months and for the whole period the skin lifting continues. Your complexion will become more flexible, shiny and youthful. The effect will last for about one year after that the intervention may be repeated. For acne treatment more than one session is usually needed.

After laser intervention

Immediately after the treatment the skin is red, gradually developing small scabs which peel off in about 7 days. Never peel the scabs yourselves! The complexion is very dry and therefore needs application of an antibacterial healing cream several times a day.

After the treatment you will also need to use protective creams with high UV filter for a long time and avoid staying in direct sunlight. Therefore the intervention is recommended to be scheduled for seasons with less intensive sunshine – autumn, winter and early spring.

The first post-intervention visit to the clinic is scheduled for a month after the operation.

Possible risks: laser intervention

These especially include hyper-pigmentation if you expose the treated complexion to direct sunshine contrary to the received instructions. This condition is long-term to permanent.

More sensitive clients may develop moderate skin reddening. This is a temporary effect which will disappear in a couple of days.


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