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Wrinkle filling

Dermal fills are used for elimination of facial wrinkles. The fills can be used for filling nasal – upper lip wrinkles, the deep wrinkle between the eyebrows, wrinkles around the lips, around lip corners towards the chin, other mimic wrinkles or the chin wrinkle.

In addition dermal fills are used for lip volume extension, accentuation of cheekbones, light toning of the facial complexion and the décolletage, hand rejuvenation and bio revitalisation.

The fills may also be used for correction of scars after injuries and acne

Dermal fills may be classified by origin as follows:

  • Inherent – fat, dermis, fascia
  • Animal - collagen
  • Bacterial – hyaluronic acid
  • Purely synthetic - hydroxyapatite, silicone, polyethylenglycol

As for durability they are divided into temporary and permanent.

Advantages of wrinkle correction by filling

The greatest advantages include immediate effect of the intervention. Your face will return in time, refine its expression. When fat or hyaluronic acid is used your body receives a substance it knows and is able to naturally degrade. This is the cause of temporariness of the fill, which is a great advantage if you are dissatisfied or are not sure. Application is simple, painless and will not burden you in any way. In addition, you will not be hospitalised and so you can return to your regular daily activities nearly immediately after the intervention.

Wrinkle removal: fill materials

Fills inherent to the body have been used in medicine for over a hundred years. Their outspoken advantages include zero risk of allergic reaction and positive subjective feelings of the patient that his body does not have to receive a foreign substance.

Application of own fat is a frequently used method. The method has been undergoing a period of great renaissance especially in relation to face and breast operations. Fill fat may also be used for smoothening of deep wrinkles (facial or between brows) but also for lip filling and for volumetric rejuvenation of the face. Due to its density and size of the fat grains this fat is not good for correction of minor wrinkles.

Advantages of use of own fat include safety and long-term survival of part of the applied volume. Disadvantages include the necessity of suction from another part of the body and initial over-sizing for part of the fat will be absorbed after a time. In the first post-operative days the appearance is quite unnatural for that reason. Even though this condition is temporary the client must be aware of that.

Collagen, a very popular fill material in the past, is now only sporadically used for its effect is most short-term of all fills. The most frequently used collagen is bovine or pig collagen. Its disadvantages include allergic reactions and the possibility of transfer of infectious diseases from the animals onto men, albeit very small.

Hyaluronic acid based materials today represent the golden standard of facial fills. Hyaluronic acid is a low-molecular substance prepared in laboratories for medical use. In human body it forms part of the intracellular space and fills joints and eyes. In the skin and subcutaneous area it binds large quantities of water and contributes to the skin flexibility and fullness.  Allergic reactions are extremely rare and light. Generally the purer the dermal fill with hyaluronic acid the lower the chances for any adverse reaction. Hyaluronic acid is gradually removed by the body and therefore its effect is always temporary.

Fills of purely synthetic origin without any bond to any living organisms cause minimum allergies. Te formerly frequently used permanent fills are quire rare today. The sustained issues include impossibility of any later correction if the first intervention fails or the patient is not satisfied. The material may travel in the course of years and form stiff protuberances. In addition the possible, albeit rare, allergic reactions may cause serious health damage.

It may be said that temporary biodegradable materials removed from the body within a year are the current global trend.

Our BODY Clinic, in addition of application of your own fat, offers hyaluronic acid based dermal fills and a fully synthetic biodegradable product based on polyethyleneglycol.



This product combines hyaluronic acid with desensitising element called lidokaine, which reduces pain of the application. The product is designed for application into the surface, medium or deep skin layers and for lip augmentation. The effect is visible immediately after the treatment and lasts for 6 to 12 months. After that the treatment should be repeated. Our clinic possesses extensive positive experience with this preparation.


Wrinkle removal: your intervention

No special preparation is needed and the intervention is performed in our outpatient surgery. The fill application lasts for 10 to 20 minutes.

After the skin disinfection dermal fill is applied in the selected area with a thin needle or cannula with a fraction of a millimetre diameter, usually from multiple punctures. After that the skin may redden for a while with a feeling of burning and light swell. Deeper injections may cause little bruises. The treated area may be prepared with Emla cream about 30 minutes before the intervention or with local anaesthesia applied with a thin needle in the case of sensitive individuals.

Wrinkle removal: after intervention

  • Avoid staying in a very hot or very cold environment, increased physicals train and sunbathing after application.
  • Do not touch or press the treated area, bend forward or lie down for 6 hours after application.
  • A visit to the outpatient surgery is recommended after 1-3 weeks.

Wrinkle removal: possible risks

  • As a matter of exception temporary reddening, swell, little bruises and pain may be experienced for 2-3 days.
  • After a couple of days hardening may appear, or minor asymmetry in the case of application to a paired area.
  • If any of these phenomena persist another visit is certainly justified.
  • The substance should not be applied in the case of signs of oversensitivity to the preparation, immunity disorder, pregnancy or lactation. The substance may further not be applied in inflammation sites, in sites of fresh occurrence of herpes and may not be combined with chemical peeling or laser rejuvenation.

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