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Lip augmentation

Lip augmentation is performed in the case of the client ´s requirement for fuller, sensual lips, for correction of lip asymmetry, for smoothening of small wrinkles over the upper lip or for correction of innate or post-traumatic lip deformities.

Both lips at a time or one of them may be treated. There are several methods. BODY Clinic offers the following:

  • Lip augmentation by own fat
  • Lip augmentation by hyaluronic acid based materials
  • Lip augmentation by V-Y plastic
  • Lip augmentation by corio-fat

Advantages of lip augmentation

The advantages include immediate effect. Narrow lips giving the face a stern expression change into full, sensuous lips. The facial expression becomes finer. No doubt this change will positively affect self-conscience of the woman. Minimum pain is a bonus, depending on the material used for the augmentation.


Lip augmentation: methods


Fat from the body has been used as fill of other parts of the same body for years. Outspoken advantages include zero risk of allergic reaction and positive subjective feelings of the patient that his body does not have to receive a foreign substance. Application of own fat is a frequently used method. The method has been undergoing a period of great renaissance especially in relation to face and breast operations.

In addition to lip augmentation fill fat may also be used for smoothening of deep wrinkles (facial or between brows). Due to its density and size of the fat grains this fat is not good for correction of minor wrinkles.

Advantages of use of own fat include safety and long-term survival of part of the applied volume. Disadvantages include the necessity of suction from another part of the body and initial over-sizing for part of the fat will be absorbed after a time. In the first post-operative days the appearance is quite unnatural for that reason. Even though this condition is temporary the client must be aware of that.

Hyaluronic acid based materials

Hyaluronic acid is today the golden standard of facial fills. Hyaluronic acid is prepared in laboratories for medical use. In human body it forms part of the intracellular space and fills joints and eyes. In the skin and subcutaneous area it binds large quantities of water and contributes to the skin flexibility and fullness. Allergic reactions are extremely rare. Generally the purer the dermal fill with hyaluronic acid the lower the chances for any adverse reaction. Hyaluronic acid is gradually removed by the body and therefore its effect is always temporary. The BODY Clinic works with two types of these fills:


Cristal is one of the new hyaluronic acid based dermal fills. Cristal is prepared by the innovative technology abbreviated as NGCT (Non Granular Consistency Technology), which achieves high purity of this gel fill and high thixotropy (variable consistency: a thin substance thickening in the process).

Despite the high viscosity Cristal allows for application with a very thin needle or cannula. Advantages for the clients include lower pain, shorter application time and lower volume necessary for achievement of the required result in comparison to the previously used preparations. Immediately after completion of the application the gel achieves the original density and the required fill effect is seen immediately. In addition thanks to the mesh structure of the fill the result is long-term (up to 12 months). .

Juvéderm® ULTRA

This product combines hyaluronic acid with desensitising element called lidokaine, which reduces pain of the application. The effect is visible immediately after the treatment and lasts for 6 to 12 months. After that the treatment should be repeated.

The trend of the present time is temporary materials degradable by the body. That is why BODY Clinic does not offer lip augmentation with permanent fills with a substantially higher percentage of later complications and adverse reactions.

V-Y plastic

Another method is move of the lip tissue from inside the oral cavity with the help of V-Y plastic. This method is performed exceptionally by the BODY Clinic for the reason of the risk of irregularities, small scars and the possibility of drying of the tissue moved from inside the oral cavity to the lip.


It is appropriate to also mention the method of application of own ligament tissue – corio-fat. The tissue is taken in the shape of a spindle (with is ideal for smooth transitions) from any old scar in the body or from the line under the buttocks or between the thighs or elsewhere as agreed with the client. Thus obtained tissue is passed through the whole lip by a special guide through a millimetre hole in the lip corner. The intervention thus does not result in any scars in the lip.

Advantages include long absorption time, the possibility of lip shaping, absolutely natural shape and use of own tissue - without foreign substances..

Disadvantages include increased complexity of the intervention in comparison to the previous methods, a scar in the place from which the tissue is taken and longer recovery, visible swells and bruises for at least a week.

Lip augmentation: your surgery

Lip augmentation is an outpatient intervention requiring no pre-operative examinations.

Do not eat and drink for about 2 hours before the operation, do not smoke for 24 hours and do not take drugs containing acetylosalicylic acid (Acylpyrin, Aspirin, Aspro, Acylcoffin, Anopyrin Upsarin and others) for at least a week before the intervention.

Lip augmentation by own fat is preceded by the fat suction. The fat is taken from a suitable part of your body (hips, buttocks, umbilicus area etc.) after application of local anaesthesia. The fat is then treated and applied to the lip. For the intervention to be really painless the lip may be treated with an analgesic cream, Emla, or by an injection of anaesthetic. The remaining fat may be used for wrinkle removal

When lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid the surgeon applies the fill in the needed place in your lip with a thin needle. The lip may be treated with an anaesthetic cream for increased comfort of the intervention.

Lip augmentation: recovery

After the intervention the lip needs to be cooled and you should stay in bed for one day. Do not massage the lip, avoid sauna and direct sunlight. Do not bend forward and do not strain your body, especially for the first two hours after the surgery. Do not eat rigid food for a couple of days (1-2 days) and apply antiviral ointment on the lip, such as Zovirax. Visit the clinic in about a week. In the case of application of own far or corio-fat recovery is longer and swells and bruises may persist for a week or even longer.

Possible risks related to lip augmentation

If you fail to observe the rest requirement for the first period after the application bleeding and hematoma may occur.Neither fat nor hyaluronic acid augments the lip for ever. You must be aware that the effect will gradually disappear depending on the absorption time of the substance used and the selected method.Persistent swells and bruises accompany certain methods of application, especially of own fat or corio-fat.Non-frequent but possible complications include lip asymmetry, irregular lip shape and temporary stiffening of the lip. In the case of currently used preparations reactions to the foreign fill material are nearly excluded. However, changes of the lip shape, shift of the applied material, stiffening and bulges may appear later.Infection with herpes virus is prevented by application of a cream with antiviral substance. Occurrence of this infection is nevertheless reported.

Later corrective intervention as a consequence of some of these complications may be needed.


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