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Mini invasive facelift HAPPY LIFT™

In the case of mini invasive facelift with HAPPY LIFT™ fibre the intervention is performed in our outpatient surgery. This procedure is ideal for clients who do not yet need standard face lifting for their appearance adjustment and who just wish to enliven their faded face and refresh their appearance without any demanding operation.

The principle is based on introduction of very thin fibres with hooks under the face or cheek complexion with a thin needle. The hooks grasp the skin in its new position HAPPY LIFT™ fibres are designed for cheek lifting, jaw, neck, temple and forehead lifting, eyebrow rising, cheek fat modelling and correction of innate or post-traumatic face paralysis. HAPPY LIFT™ fibres are absorbable and the lifting effect lasts for more than two years.

Advantages of mini invasive facelift with HAPPY LIFT™

  • Only local anaesthesia without the need for hospitalisation, you can go home soon after the intervention.
  • The straining effect is immediately visible and the original features of your face will remain preserved. The fibre is absorbable, of natural materials, and therefore does not introduce any foreign bodies into your body.
  • The effect is not lasting, and you must decide whether you want the mini facelift in the future again.
  • No scars

Mini invasive facelift HAPPY LIFT™: your surgery

Mini invasive facelift with HAPPY LIFT ™ fibre is performed in our outpatient surgery under local anaesthesia and takes 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the number of the treated areas.

Mini invasive facelift HAPPY LIFT™: recovery

Antibiotic or anti-inflammatory therapy is recommended for a couple of days. In the case of history of Herpes labialis antiviral therapy for 3-5 days is also needed.

On the day of the intervention you will feel mild tension, the most sensitive areas include the temples. At least for 24 hours after the intervention try to limit speaking and smiling, eat liquid or semi-liquid food (avoid hot food) to  minimise movement of the face muscles.

In the course of the following 3 days sleep in half-sedentary position to prevent tension in the places of the thread introduction.

Do not perform massage (lymphatic draining) of the operated parts of the face and do not rub your make up off vigorously. You can use creams or make up immediately after the intervention but carefully.

In about 3 weeks after the operation you can resume your usual physical activities and sport. Intensive physical activity such as swimming is recommended after a month post HAPPY LIFT ™ fibre implantation.

The first visit at the clinic in 2 weeks after the intervention.

Potential Risks Connected with Mini-Invasive Face Lifting HAPPY LIFT™

  • Adverse effects connected with application of HAPPY LIFT™ Revitalizing fibre are very rare and usually mild. The possible AE include petechia and swells in the points of the thread application. They change into light haematomas which disappear in maximum 1 – 2 days. With preventive application of arnica (Heel), K vitamin or complexion gel Auriderm K2, both before and after the intervention, the resulting healing time of the small haematomas is shorter.
  • In exceptional cases minor infections may appear in the places of the thread ends, especially if the patient fails to observe the doctor´s instructions.
  • Rare AE include tangible or visible thread under the skin. This is mostly a temporary phenomenon. Or the thread ends may protrude from the skin. In the latter case the ends may simply be shortened by a millimetre.

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