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Lipo injection

There are many names of this method covering more or less the same procedure (except for small details). Lipo transfer or injection of autologous (own) fat, or also newly lipo-grafting (auto-transplantation of fat), is a method of suction of fat from one part of your body and its use for another part of the body, for example for wrinkle smoothening, lip augmentation, bottom eyelid enlargement etc.

More and more frequent is overall face rejuvenation by lipo-grafting. In the course of human life the face loses the subcutaneous tissue of the face which leads to development of wrinkles. Lipo-grafting returns fat to the required parts, smoothens the wrinkles and brightens the whole face.

Fatty tissue contains a lot of germ – stem cells for starting of healing processes and survival of the transferred fatty tissue. These healing processes have recently been used for improvement of operation site and scar appearance, for adjustment of breast shape and asymmetry, for coverage of protruding edges of breast implants, for removal of dark circles below the eyes etc.

The effect is visible immediately after treatment. Always a little larger amount than needed is applied for a small part of the cells is absorbed in the course of the first year post treatment. This absorption is very individual and cannot be estimated in advance.

Lipo injection: your surgery

Lipo-injection is applied without hospitalisation in our outpatient surgery. You need not wear the post-operative compressive underwear and can return to work immediately. The first couple of days after the intervention sporting activities and excessive physical strain are prohibited.

The liposuction and subsequent fat application are performed under local anaesthesia.

First your own fat is sucked carefully with a very thin cannula under low under-pressure from a place where you do not want it or where there is plenty of it (hips, thighs, buttocks, belly etc.). the fat is freed from unwanted components. The pure fat cells are applied three-dimensionally with a thin needle or a special very thin cannula to the required location.

The whole procedure takes from 45 minutes to circa 2 hours, depending on the size of the treated area.

Possible risks of lipo injection

If lipo injection is applied under overall anaesthesia, please pay attention to possible risks connected with operation under overall anaesthesia.


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