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This is a new development in aesthetic medicine combining advantages of two different interventions: liposuction and augmentation (enlargement) of the breasts with own fat. Careful liposuction provides a very valuable material – fat rich in stem cells. There is therefore an option to return this valuable material to the body parts which the patient wants to augment unlike the parts which need to be diminished by the liposuction. Application of own fat in the breasts may thus lead to their augmentation, filling and light uplifting as well as to corrections of minor differences in the breast shape.

The first step towards more beautiful body curves is represented by liposuction, a proven method of aesthetic medicine for body contour formation in the problematic parts such as the hips, the thighs or the abdomen. Our Body Clinic uses the so called tumescent liposuction, which means that the area is filled with a liposuction solution before the intervention itself for the purpose of increased volume and tensioning of the fat grains and increase of their fragility. This then allows for more balanced suction. The liposuction solution also includes an anaesthetic which makes the liposuction painless.

The sucked excessive fatty tissue is subsequently used for lipo-grafting – that is breast augmentation with own fat of the patient. Before this careful augmentation is performed, the fat obtained by liposuction is cleaned and undesirable admixtures are removed. The clean fat is then applied with a special thin cannula to the breast tissue. This way the breasts are augmented, filled and lightly uplifted and minor differences in breast shape may be eliminated. Unlike the traditional augmentation with silicon implants, the fat application represents a smaller load and risk. Recovery after the operation is substantially shorter and the progress is less painful. There is no risk of capsule formation.