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Plastic surgery of intimate parts – labioplastic

Plastic surgeries within the intimate part of female body include the increasingly popular labioplastic. What used to be a taboo is now a common operation which is not very demanding and shows nearly immediate effect. It is performed for the purpose of adjustment of the shape or reduction of the size of the labia minora. The reasons may vary, mostly including problems in intimate life, but also purely aesthetic reasons when too large labia do not look good in underwear or swimsuit.

Advantages of labioplastic

A great advantage is the possibility of outpatient performance without subsequent hospitalisation. In addition labioplastic is an intervention with really quick recovery taking a couple of days. Skin in this area usually heals very well, the scars disappear quickly and the intervention is not too painful either. The cosmetic effect is very apparent and permanent and the improvement of personal and sexual life is significant.

Labioplastic: your surgery

The intervention is performed according to the patient ´s desire either under total anaesthesia with half-day or one-day hospitalisation or in the outpatient surgery under local anaesthesia.

The intervention takes about thirty minutes.

The labia operation is a simple intervention. Excessive skin and tissue is removed, the labia are adjusted to the required shape and the wounds are sutured with self-absorbing suture. Labia can be not only reduced but also shaped if the patient wishes so. The operation should be performed outside the menstrual period.

As an exception other interventions in this area can be performed, such as correction of labia manora or vaginal entry after childbirth etc.

The operation is possible after reaching legal age.

Labioplastic: recovery

For a couple of weeks after the surgery careful intimate hygiene, reduced sporting activities and avoidance of long sitting are needed. Restriction of sexual life only applies for a couple of weeks.

The first post-operative visit is scheduled 1-2 weeks after the surgery. Other visits are usually unnecessary and the suture is not removed.

Labioplastic: possible risks

Like all operations, abdominoplastic may be associated with certain risks which you must be aware of. These are general operation-related risks (bleeding - hematoma, infection, pulmonary embolism, poor healing, operation wound splitting, development of colloid scars etc.) plus intervention-specific risks.


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